Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Bless this

If you’re inexplicably reluctant to send hurricane relief donations to Pat Robertson’s “Operation Blesssing,” as FEMA has suggested, or or even the Red Cross (like my mom, who’s still mad at them for planning to use some of the money they collected after 9/11 for other purposes), check out the Sparkplug Foundation’s site. It lists grassroots community organizations that would probably make better use of your money, though of course I can’t guarantee that. Thanks to Susie Day for letting me know about this.
Thanks, A, and thanks Susie for the link to Sparkplug. I'd been directing friends to AmeriCares, but I like this one even better.
America's Second Harvest is also a wonderful organization where 100% of the donation money actually goes to where its supposed to. What a concept.
Alison, thanks for the info.
I'm a *huge* fan of America's Second Harvest.
Second Harvest has always freaked me out because of the name... it's an anthropological term for picking through feces looking for edible bits... plus they had that scandal in the eighties where grocery stores could donate their rotting vegetables for tax credit... yuck.
in the cincinnati area there have been radio advertisements by "matthew 25" which is a conservative religious organization. perhaps they will provide those in need with resources and aid, but why can't there be a secular organization with a similar mission (and not a hidden agenda).
The Advocate has a list of 'Pink dollars for Katrina relief'..almost too many to choose from. I am leaning towards an organization that helps gay families or gay youth, they always get screwed..

Go here.
Pat Robertson...How dodgy, bleh.
i want to see a tabloid report that robertson and bush are having an affair. tee hee.
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