Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Comix Fix, Part II

Wow — so exciting to read everybody's comments about where they read DTWOF. Thanks for your input. Nice to see so many people are keeping tabs on this evolving blog. A suggestion for those of you who said you can't find the strip in your local paper, but would like to: I submit Alison's cartoons to editors all the time, but my cover letters and sample strips are probably less effective than a few smartly worded emails from some local readers. I think DTWOF is perfect for alt. weekly audiences (Burlington's alt. weekly, Seven Days, runs the strip). But alt. weekly editors are more likely to listen to their readers than to me. Feel free to write to them and demand (yes, demand!) that they carry the country's most interesting comic strip with the word "dyke" in the title. And fyi — as far as we know, Between the Lines in Michigan is still running the strip. They still pay for it, anyway. Remember, it comes out every other week, so sometimes there will be an issue without a strip. I think Washington Blade is still carrying it, though they tend to print it sporadically. If you want more regularity, send 'em an email. Can't hurt, right?
It's a constant aggravation to me that Bay Windows (Boston) doesn't put DTWOF in a LARGE (readable) format on the first page of their Arts section. They did for Ethan Green, but I guess dykes don't rate? You have to search for it in the real-estate ads and I never can keep track of whether it's an on week or an off week. I did write them once, but lost heart.
I'm curious if some alt-weeklies haven't run it, because the strip is bi-weekly? Or is it the other way around in terms of demand?
Selfish me, could always use more DTWOF :-)
Yup, it's still in Between The Lines!
Even if I have no other reason to read Between the Lines, DTWOF is enough. I just wish it could make it in more mainstream papers. (Sunday mornings would be so much more interesting with family discussions about the adventures of our favorite dykes and non-dykes!) I have enough faith in this goal to contemplate a letter to the editors of the [Detroit] Free Press. If not now, then maybe my children will see it.
I read the strip in Sonoma County Womens Voices, and then again in Off Our Backs, from which I clip and file it, never having recovered from my terror during that half year (few months?) after the demise of Firebrand when the books were out of print. I recommend both of these fine publications, although I now read it on-line first.
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