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Episode 485

Here's the latest strip, hosted on Flickr again until I get something better figured out. Apologies to everyone whose browsers won't enable them to read it. Soon, one way or another, I'll have a functional setup for everyone. 485
Thank you for posting!

Oh, gods, all I can keep hoping is that Mo dumps Sydney SOON. Why, WHY does Mo bother? The sex just can't be worth it.

Any chance we'll see more of Lois' relationship soon? It appears to be the ONLY relatively happy relationship in existence right now, but we haven't really seen Lois with Jasmine(sp?)... just with Janis.
If anyone's browser is making it hard for them to see the strip in its full glory, try clicking:

With luck, this should work on any browser.

Ok, this will be a first. The first time a DTWOF strip gives me nightmares! That library woman... yikes.
Sydney googling herself?

Of course.

And Clarice being hostile to Toni over the thing with Gloria seems a little hypocritical, as always.
Is it my imagination, or is Toni ageing faster than anyone else? Shows what comes of never getting laid.
This fan likes Mo and Sydney. Strip #247 gives some insight into why Mo might figure Syd's selfishness is okay. Maddening, but okay. (Specifically, she's not a people pleaser, either).

You can google yourself easily at, which uses google. For "Sydney", the first two are "Sydney is yours" and "Sydney is easy." I don't know how to spell her last name, so I'll leave that up to someone more resourceful.

Can't believe how much time I waste online.

Can't believe AB is posting comics in full size before some newspapers get it out. Not that I'm complaining. Personally it works for me.
Alison, thanks so much for keeping the strip online (and for all that you do).

--one of your straight-but-not-narrow fans (not to be defensive about it) : )
I actually think Mo should take up that job with the boss from hell. Besides the fact that she might be able to work the system from the inside, it'll pay the bills better than Bounders, where her boss is hopelessly culturally insensitive anyway. Someone oughta push her into a situation where she can actually make a difference.

I'm from Singapore, and I've just joined a body in the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts. And it's bloody strange, not knowing how much I can fight from within, or whether I'm just making the problem worse.
Mo needs to DTMFA!
Hi Alison,
thanks for keeping the strip online.

A bit OT:
I ordered my last missing book "Hot trobbing dykes to watch out for" some time ago, and today the bookstore told me, the publisher can't deliver at the moment. Do I have to wait for a new printing? Say that's not so!

CJ from Berlin, Germany (buying books for the US always takes ages...)

For grins, I DID Google Sydney Krukowski, and found this fascinating timeline, which gives her birthdate, plus that of Funky Winkerbean, and also mentions that her birth year (1958) is the same year Adrian Veidt set up shop as Ozymandis.

Thank you for the lastest strip! We're still here and hanging on your every word! Let us know when you get something "official" up. I think I hear the distant sounds of people opening wallets.... ;)

I'm starting to think I'm the only one who likes Sydney. Sure she'd be hell to date, but she's just such a great character that I want her and Mo to stay together if only because I'm afraid she'd drop off the radar like Harriet has/did.
My iMac USB 2.0 17", Mac OS X 10.4.6, is able to get it with enough clarity through the reduction. Anonymous #3's repost provided a full picture. Thanks!

Speaking of iMacs, I just thought I'd point out, as a former Mac worker, that Sydney's iMac (almost identical to my own and quite a tasteful choice), was discontinued way back, and can't be younger than July 2004. There's a more boring-looking model of iMac on the market these days. Sydney's not keeping quite with it but she is showing good taste in vintage aesthetic (or more conserving spending habits). Makes sense; that model is more than adequate for the needs of a constantly reading/writing/googling academic.

I'm still waiting to find out how Sparrow, once an icon for "Spirit", became an atheist. And where is everyone else?... There's got to more on Ginger's plate than an apparent, unwholesome three-way waiting to pounce. IS Lois still a Step-Meem? Has Jezanne joined the Peace Corps yet? Has Carlos gotten work? Has Harriet formed a wobbly militia? Hell, is Thea still alive?

Less soap, more opera!
This is my firsr anyone! DTWOF RULES!!!!!
Wow... How many different ideas about surveillance versus needing attention from others can you pack into a 13-frame comic strip?

From the department of interesting coincidences: Mo's interview was at the Nether Heights library branch. Raffi goes to Nether Heights Elementary School.

Without supporting everything Sydney does; and in spite of agreeing with most of the substance of Mo's politics; if I had to listen to Mo's whining, I'd want to google myself too. I agree with last_boy.

I hope Stella doesn't just drop out of the strip. They will probably have to move -- as far as I could tell, Ana was making at least the large majority of money in that family. I also hope Stella doesn't turn into a "Reviving Ophelia" stereotype. She has been so crushed by the problems in her family, which is plausible as far as it goes, but... Her happy hamster video game was a bit much. If she's going to disappear, I hope she flames out, pulls a Kali, goes Medea, rips the evil hamster's heart out of its chest. Seriously, I hope she lets somebody have it -- somebody who deserves it. There are lots of candidates: Gloria and Toni (obvious reason), Ana (treating Gloria like her butler), Clarice (gross self-centeredness and self-pity), Taylor (the homophobic kid at school)... Raffi doesn't deserve it, but I could see her tearing into him and it would be interesting to see how he'd handle it.

Happy hamster games are bad for you. Children who play happy hamster games grow up to put angel bears on their desks.
Personally I like the Mo & Sidney coupledom. Sidney is a refreshing foil for Mo. Mo pretty much had an affair with her library buddy - she just didn't have sex, but certainly it was not asexual. She seems to think that because she tortures herself with guilt she's absolved. Sidney on the other hand was in some ways kinder to Mo - she at least kept her liason quick and separate from their relationship, rather than spending all her time in breathless emails and on-line exchanges right in their home. If they agreed upon monagamy, both of them broke the agreement.
I don't think either M&S or C&T have to break up. I think that there are far worse things than infidelity that you can do to your partner. While it's painful and a betrayal, it's not automatically a deal breaker. I think that a long term commitment should include finding ways to deal with the various betrayals that happen. Most women I know in long term relationships have had to work out betrayals. It sucks, but it often goes with the territory.
Nice parallel in the last couple of panels between Raffi's surveillance and Western unease with Iran's nucler intentions.
Let's face it, people, Syndey's a self-centered jerk. It may say something terrible about me, but I always found Mo's rants kind of appealing. Much more appealing than listening to Syndey whine about how much she deserves tenure/a book contract/whatever. At least Mo spends time complaining about things that are important.

While I'm complaining, I also miss Madwimmin books. Without Madwimmin as a place for everyone to meet apparently randomly, gossip, and otherwise interact, DTWOF is really a strip about three separate households, not about an interacting community. Which makes it much less interesting. Plus I miss Jezanna.

I think Madwimmin ought to come back in some way, shape, or form. June said she needs a tax shelter. Maybe she could finance it and write the losses off on her taxes. Or, if Alison's feeling too post-feminist over-it-all to deign to have a women's bookstore in her strip any more, how about having Lois start the erotica store she periodically talks about? She could hire Jezanna as her business manager, which would surely have some possibilities for drama and/or comedy given their past employer/employee relationship. Anyone else agree?
I agree with the Anonymous who said that infidelity isn't necessarily a deal breaker. I'm still hoping for more of an exploration of polyamory and the various shades and nuances of infidelity. I also would be vastly more hurt by a long courtship and email flirtation than a sexual fling at a meeting.
I believe Sydney's fling was by e-mail, not just in the flesh. Mo was pretty ticked about her spending so much time online, and I don't think she spent that much time googling herself. Mo also alluded to Sydney's e-mailing her former prof instead of working on her book.

I like the idea of bringing back Madwimmin or having Lois open an erotica shop. very creative, Dianne, and a good way to bring in/develop marginal characters.

I thought ab was going to explore polyamory when Samia's husband entered the strip. I've been wanting another bi character, but ab answered some other bi woman's prayers :) Samia wasn't the woman I was looking for.

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