Tuesday, April 11, 2006


cavalcade o'guys

I went down to White River Junction today to hear a panel discussion with Chris Ware, Seth, and Ivan Brunetti at the Center for Cartoon Studies. I forgot my camera so I had to draw. Here's Seth. Seth And Chris Ware. chris ware And Ivan Brunetti. ivan brunetti And James Sturm, the director of the school. james sturm
Hurrah for the good old CCS! I've never met Brunetti or Ware, but you nailed both Sturm and Seth. (Should that be "Sturm und Seth"?)
Fabulous work. I enjoyed your portraits in "The Indelible"; it's nice to see more portrait work here. Thanks for sharing.

(And really ... did you actually consider taking a camera to a cartoonists' convention?!? The present outcome is much better.)
Great stuff. I love the drawing of Ware.
That's exactly how I always imagined Chris Ware would look.
I hope you've sent the drawings to the men. They should be in their next newsletter. They're great.
i love your drawings. i wish i could draw like you. or draw at all really.

just a funny thing i thought you'd all like in light of Sydney and the parodies of academic language. the journal philosophy and literature runs an annual "bad writing contest". judith butler won one with a particularly sydney-esque sentence.... http://www.aldaily.com/bwc.htm
Chris Ware is coming to the Wisconsin Book Festival this fall ... I can't wait to see him! Along with Marjane Satrapi and hopefully Lynda J. Barry. Maybe they'll invite you, too???
I get so used to just seeing your characters as themselves (vs as drawings) that I forget how well you draw. How much I liked those postcards drawn from the model way back when. Love these drawings.
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