Friday, March 31, 2006


Smith College

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I spoke last night at Smith, for I think the fourth time in my career. God, I love that place. I meant to take a picture of the campus, or the audience, but I was so frazzled I didn't even remember I had my camera with me until after it was all over and I was getting a burrito to eat on my drive back home from MA to VT. Thus this irrelevant photo in the burrito shop.

But what a great audience those Smithies were! They laughed at everything and indulged my discursive pointy-headedness. The student who brought me discovered my work on PlanetOut when she was ten. Ten! Every time I go back to Smith College, I'm a thousand years older. But the students are all still ten. Well, maybe twenty.

Before my presentation I had a lovely visit with my friend Susan Stinson. We talked about writing and she let me ride her awesome trike around campus in the lovely spring afternoon.
When did I start bandying about the word "awesome" like this? I'm sorry to contribute to its utter devaluation by overusage. But Susan's trike really did inspire awe.
lovely (twice) AND awesome.

at least you still look like a badass in your burrito photo. It is enough to make up for it.

would you add a section to your website listing your appearances? perhaps you already have it embedded into your upcoming new site.
Go ahead and say "awesome". As Lois said when she went to picket the Democrats, it'll make you feel like a young punk again.
Dykes on trikes? It could become a parade staple. :-P
And Smith College loves you!
i wish you could come talk at my college....damn being so far away from the rest of the world!!!

use 'awesome' like its going out of style - and good luck figuring out how you want to post the strip online. so many of us are really ready to contribute dollars to your art either way, so let us know how sometime... you must let us live out our fantasies of renaissance-era artistic patronage!!!
Isn't Susan wonderful? Of course, she is awesome.

When are you coming to Houston? Or even to BookWoman in Austin?
"Thus this irrelevant photo in the burrito shop."

But of course it was the best burrito shop in New England, Bueno e Sano!
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