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I’m sorry, but because of my February jaunt to the UK I was too busy to do new strips for this month. I sent out “archive” episodes from 1996, featuring Toni and Clarice in happier times. I don’t know if PlanetOut will bother posting them. Here’s a little glimpse. archive art It was a good month not have to follow the news, though. Is the world hurtling hellward even faster than usual, or is it just me? At any rate, I’m back at the drawing board trying to make sense of it all, and will have fresh comics soon.
Looks like you were in a similar state a few years ago. Everything old is new again.

From a Really smart anonymous blog commenter.
Whaddya know! & I thought I'd never see P.O. again...
I just wanted to say that I like the way you have Toni's parents speaking a rapid mix of English and Spanish, it gives me warm fuzzy memories of home.
I realize I may be reading too much into a casual comment here, but so far as this reader is concerned you don't *have* to follow the news. In a recent interview you castigated yourself for having completely omitted the fall of the Berlin Wall from dtwof. So what? We heard about it anyway. Some of your best strips have nothing to do with any particular news story -- e.g. the story line about Toni, Clarice, Raffi, and Toni's folks.

If you have decided that you want to or need to follow the news more closely, then of course you should do that. I am incompetent to tell you how to write the strip. I just wanted to say that closely following the news is not necessarily anything that your readers expect.
Doh! The main page has a Buy the Books link.

LiveJournal's DTWOF Journal recently had a discussion about LGBT bookstores.
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