Friday, February 03, 2006


The Night Watch

Last night I went to the launch party for Sarah Waters’ new book, The Night Watch. Yes, strictly speaking, that has nothing to do with my comic strip. But it has something to do with lesbian culture, so I don’t think I’m going too far afield to mention it here. It was cool to see ads for the book in the Tube.Sarah's tube ad The novel takes place during and just after World War Two, so the launch was a costume party, “forties attire optional.” People wore amazing things. Old WAC and RAF uniforms, vintage dresses and suits and hats. Sarah’s book is stunning, even more gripping, in my most humble opinion, than Tipping the Velvet, Affinity, or Fingersmith, which is saying quite a lot. You should read it as soon as possible. This is my girlfriend Amy Rubin with Sarah Waters and our pal Helen Sandler. my girlfriend Amy with Sarah Waters and our friend Helen Sandler These women were kids during the war, and advised Sarah as she was writing the book. women who were in the war This is my girlfriend, me, and our friend Jane Hoy, looking very queenlike. AAJ The book launch was held in the Cabinet War Rooms at the Churchill Museum in London, the nerve center from which Churchill directed the war. That's why there are all those important looking gauges and levers and things in the background.
That last photo is especially nice. You look very dapper in a suit, Alison.
I agree, *great* photo. Should turn into a painting (but you don't like those... ;-)
My god, you got to meet Sarah Waters?

Someday in the 22nd century someone's gonna write a historical lesbian novel in which the two of you meet, and the readers will go, "Neh, that never could've happened in real life."

I'm remembering the costume ball they had in Tipping the Velvet. I hope someone dressed up as Alan Turing.

Hey, your costumes are fantastic! Thanks for posting pictures. I hope you sent some to the Old Gold costume shop. I know how much they liked Amy's suit.
Off the topic of the strip is ok. If the blog were always exactly on topic, it would be redundant. I liked your black and white tour of London. (I'm the one who suggested the t-shirt.) I was aiming for funny in that comment. If I hit sarcastic instead (something I've been known to do), it was a mistake on my part. We read the blog partly because we think you're likely to come up with something interesting that doesn't fit in the strip.
hi alison: just stumbled across your blog. to think i was going to attend the sarah waters launch but didn't get round to it! anyway, just wanted to remark on how hot you look in that suit. shallow, yes, but also true.

hope you are / were enjoying your stay over here in britain. and please, do please keep publishing DTWOF online if you possibly can. please?

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