Wednesday, February 01, 2006


My Morning at the BBC

I've had quite a busy day in Londontown. It began with an interview on the Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4. I didn't know what a fancy important show this was until after it was over. I was on for about five minutes, between the director of that film about the women iron range workers, North Country, and a lovely woman who'd just written a novel about chronic fatigue syndrome. They made me draw a cartoon about my BBC experience for their website (click 'photo gallery'). You can also listen to the very brief interview there. I did a lot of other exciting, blogworthy things today but I'm too tired to write about them now. It's time for bed.
Do you have a copy of the complete cartoon you drew, before they cut it up into tiny pieces for the website?
I wouldn't take the shortness of the interview personally - everyone on Woman's Hour gets a short interview, whether they're Lauren Bacall or a gardening expert. It's the only way they can fit so much in to 45 minutes a day (the last 15 minutes of the show are always a drama).
I know. I didn't take it personally. I was lucky to be on that program at all. But it's always funny how quickly time passes when you're talking about yourself. And in response to Pavel, no, I left the original of that cartoon with the Woman's Hour people. I only have a xerox.
Gasoline Alley?? I guess they were famous for aging their characters...
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