Saturday, November 26, 2005


Finishing Fun Home

finishing Fun Home
Originally uploaded by Alison Bechdel.
This is Cathy writing, using Alison's flickr account. I just snapped this photo of her putting the finishing touches on her graphic memoir.

"I'm shading the line art with ink wash," she explains.

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic has its own entry on — er, Amazon — though it's not coming out until next spring. Alison's hoping to finish work on it in the next week. She's been slaving over it in her basement for six years now, so this is a real milestone. Alison also wants me to add that she's unnerved by the premature Amazon link, seeing as how she's not actually done with the book yet.

She'll be taking a short break on Wednesday night to do her slideshow presentation at the University of Vermont — 5 p.m. in Memorial Lounge, Waterman. Stop by if yer in town!

Why are you useing a light box as you lay down the ink wash?
I can't believe it. A link to amazon on the dtwof blog. "click the link and you're in their clutches..."
Great! Now I can go post a review: "Five stars! The greatest book I've ever read! The greatest book ever written! I wish I could give it ten stars! I've never read it, never heard of Alison Bechdel, but I know it will be the greatest epic of all time!" ... That seems to be the common pattern at, have you noticed?
Congratulations on finishing such a huge project! I can't wait to buy it from my local indie.
What's an ink wash?
In other news, Invasion has FINALLY reached Australia. Yippee!!
I'm assuming she's putting the wash on a separate layer, like an opaque overlay, which will be scanned in and placed over the line art.
See, if you scan art with a wash, you have to scan it screened, which means the black lines turn out screened, which can make them look fuzzy. This way, you get a strong black line. And if you want, you can run the screens as a spot color. Alison, what do you think? A nice light spot blue for the shading?

I hope Alison will post some previews from her graphic novel after she completes work on it!
In *other* news, the Dykes on Bikes have finally prevailed in their legal battle to trademark the name(see in no small part to affidavits from Alison B. and other scions of dyke culture and scholarship. Yay!
Oh my god, I am so excited. I know it has been hard given the current state of events in this country and in the world, but I feel that the comic has finally balanced back to more than just social commentary. I love social commentary--but I also love my characters, and here they are! Being equally as political as they are personal! Rock ON!
Thanks for leaving that comment, Amanda! I wondered about the outcome of that battle the other day. And congratulations on (almost) finishing your book, Alison! That's got to feel good.
By the way, in case anyone hadn't noticed,
the listing on Amazon for "Fun Home" (Alison
gives the link up above) now contains an
image of the cover art.

The blurb about your book on Medusa's has double quotes where you want apostrophes (& isn't justified.)

The cover is really beautiful! I'm really looking forward to the "gothic" art!
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