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New book

Well, Invasion of the Dykes to Watch Out For is hot off the press. I'm holding a lovely, inky smelling copy in my hands, but a cursory search of the web indicates that it's not on the shelves yet. Nor, inexplicably, is it on my publisher Alyson Books' website. But hopefully it will be soon. If you've been following the strip recently, you will have learned that both Toni and Sydney have engaged in some extramarital activities at some indefinite point in the recent past. If you'd like to see the very definite details of their indiscretions, you have to buy my book! Isn't that a clever marketing device? I rather thought so.
I found it, just took a little digging :)
I have been trying to get Split-level DTWOF and Post-DTWOF for quite a while now but was repeatedly told that they were out of print. Will there be a new edition soon or any tipps on where to get those books? Thanks.
i thought you had a copy coming out, Ive worked it out to be every odd year.
so my order is placed with Libertas! (UK) and im waiting for them to hit our shores at the end of the month.

ps I like your anti spam device
Oh, you sneaky biotch you. Alas, our public library already has a dozen reserve requests on it!
I work in a bookstore and I had to order it. The major distributors are just getting it in stock. Rest assurred, I will be hand selling it as usual when it arrives!

J--email me at and I may be able to help you find a copy of each of the titles you are looking for.
I was ecstatic to discover that Madison, WI still has a feminist bookstore complete with womyn's music and guides to modern-day spellcraft. Unfortunately Invasion Of wasn't in yet (Oct 1) but I was able to fill out a slip to have them call me when it's in. I also dropped $$ on other books while in there... :) Hooray for independent bookstores!
Blooomington, Indiana, no longer has a women's bookstore, but it does have a few independent local bookstores, and I got my copy of Invasion there, last Friday (the 30th).

I delayed gratification for about an hour until I could read it at leisure. The additional story is great, and different in tone (I thought) from past ones. Less upbeat at the end, mainly. But I'll say no more about that....

The trouble is, I now have to wait another two years until the next book comes out. (But then the graphic novel will be out in a few months, right?)
I just got back from picking up a copy
at Everyone's Books here in Brattleboro (VT).
They has a stack of them on the front

(Still trying to decide how sorry
I feel for Sydney...)
i got it on oct 1st at lambda rising in washington, DC - they have a stack on the display table opposite the counter. and i think i may have talked the clerk into reading it too after she admitted that she'd never read any DTWOF before (can you believe it??)
please DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT THE PLOT on here as some of us in Europe and possibly in the USA wont get their copy until the end of the month.
my local indie bookstore has it on order, but were convinced when i went in today that it has yet to be published. hopefully this just means shipping to australia takes an interminably long time and i will get it soon....
Oh Goddess!!!

My copy came in the mail today!

Once again, brilliance!
P.S. The end made me cry like a baby.
I got mine yesterday at Oscar Wilde Bookstore in Greenwich Village, the oldest lgbt bookstore in the country and the only one left in NYC (recently rescued and reconfigured as a non-profit).

Once again, brilliant!
Still not available here in Seattle. I went into Bailey Coy on Saturday and they said that people had been asking about it all day, but that the distributor hadn't come across with it yet. I'll check in next payday.
My name is Jen and I just wanted to say that I absolutely love DTWOF. It was my first real introduction to the socially/politically conscious lesbian population, and "The Indelible Alison Bechdel" is still one of the only books that I never get tired of reading over and over again.
I'm a poor college student right now so I'll probably be borrowing the book from the library as opposed to buying it, but I wanted you to know that your work has made a big impact on me and that I look forward to reading "invasion" as soon as I can.
Lots of Love from Bloomington IN,
I thought I was going to be indignant and self righteous about Sydney and Toni's dalliances. But alas, I was simply aroused. So much for principles....
Please do not tell more about the plot. My independent women's bookstore over here in Germany still couldn't lay hands on a copy - it might still take some time.
The current strip on planetout suggests quite a lot though.
CJ Berlin, Germany
Sadly it's taking ages to surface in the UK too ... the suspense is killing me!
does anyone know where you can buy it in Vancouver, BC?
oh this is exciting, a lesbo author with a blogspot... very exciting, will be coming back here again for sure

Little Sister's Book & Art Emporium
1238 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1N3, Canada

If this place hasn't been closed down by the polizei yet, you can probably get the book here as soon as the West Coast distributors make it available.
If you're still looking for copies in the UK, libertas is shipping them now. I just got it, and OMG.
how can the anon above me get her copy and Ive not got mine?? I ordered it from libertas ages ago.
Im having to make do with The Boondocks' new book right now. Mind you if the new DTWOF arrives I really wont get any Uni work done.
In Vancouver you can buy it at The People's co-op on the Drive, where I got mine a few days ago- they had one on hold for me, but I'm sure they have others!
Hi Alison,

Your marketing is pretty good, but I'm not sure about Alyson's. I think having just a plot summary on the back of the book isn't going to sell it to new audiences (and your established audience knows the plot!) I think you should go for more quotes about how great it is, or better yet, something really funny on the back, like Matt Groening used to do. The front is good, but the back has to follow up on it...

It was cool to find the book in Borders, but me and one of the cashiers (both male) had to really sell it hard to the other cashier, I still doubt he'll look at it.

The reason you only rated `pretty good' is that you haven't updated your own website `buy the books' section yet. That's what comes up if you put "dykes" in Google, not the blog! :-)
More where to buy:

Bluestockings Bookstore in NYC on Allen St (just south of Houston St.) in the East Village had books in stock.

I just finished reading... my oh my.
It's been quite strange to be taken back in time to before the Iraq war was started. Seems so long ago.

You are great at depicting in everyday-terms what is happening/or rather done in the political world. I'm impressed. And you manage to respect your characters, which is what makes the plot so facinating.
I'm not sure about the publisher either, I don't really know if a summary on the back is the right approach to advertising, and besides, I found the lettering in the first part of the book a bit unclear and hard to read, while the graphic novella has the normal quality. Or am I just unlucky and got a badly printed copy?

CJ Germany
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