Saturday, October 29, 2005


Doing Dallas

lovely librarians
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This afternoon I did a slide show at the Dallas Public Library about my cartoons. And now I’m blogging about it. Because I can. I was part of an LGBT authors series that the library produces. Here’s Karyn and Leonardo, two of the lovely librarians who made the event happen. Here’s Nicole, who gave me this hand-painted Texas flag on recycled barnboard. lone starAfter my presentation I went and signed books at the Crossroads Café, where I met this lovely gentleman in the poodle skirt pink shirt and pink skirt and had a nice time hanging out and talking to people. It’s Halloween here, and I’m staying in the gay neighborhood. There’s some kind of giant parade/block party explosion about to happen. It’s not quite dark yet but the streets are barricaded off, thundering bass emanates from a sound system somewhere, and there are portable toilets everywhere. Looks like it should be a good time.

Great pix! Love the pink stripes and poodle skirt coordination. The flag is cool!

Where will you be next?
I hope that Dallas Halloween is as riotous and entertaining as Halloween in Madison!
Good for you, out there having a good time! My Texan roommate in college had one of those Texas flags in our dorm room, along with a sign that read, "Southern by birth, Texan by the grace of God."

Did you bring any "Vermont: Most likely to secede?" stickers?
i'm writing a research paper on your comic strip and have been trapped in the library all day reading feminism/postmodernism, judith butler crap. so. i find your comic interesting. your older comics are filled with angst, while your later ones have a cozy dated feel to them. i'm having trouble summarizing your work. i hope to get some inspiration soon. (i think i belong to the not-so-keen on feminism feminist -- in case you were wondering.) arrgh. thank you, by the way, for your work. i'm enjoying reading your early comic strips :)
I'm a life long feminist and a great fan of DTWOF, but on the lighter side, I own a women's clothing store in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I could keep you nice and butch if you visited my store, but maybe just a bit of updating is in order. I even have striped shirts if you insist.
Updating? What's wrong with my look??
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