Thursday, July 14, 2005


Um...checking her for deer ticks?

I just got this email from a reader: "My 3 year old loves your strip. Unfortunately for him, his prudish parents agree we're not ready to be answering questions like 'what is Mo doing to Harriet's vagina?'" This thoughtful person went on to suggest that I might want to consider doing a series called Children of Lesbians and Gays to Watch Out For, presumably G-rated.

Are the ladies reading it to their son (even a genius of a three-year-old probably can't handle Alison's texts)? Can't they just blip over the sex scenes? And by the way, am racking my vastly over-DTWOF-populated brain for a scene of Mo doing something R-rated to Harriet. Crying and having breakup sex -- that's about it.
For a lot more than crying and break-up sex, turn to "Down to the Skin," the mildly erotic epilogue in More Dykes to Watch Out For . Check out page 106 in the original edition for lots of flesh (but no discernible deer ticks).
Cathy - one of the books, the one my local womens' centre has a copy of, definitely shows Mo doing a few things to Harriet's bits that aren't family viewing. (clue - she leaves her glasses on til the last minute, then H asks her to take them off because they're cold, M realises she feels secure enough to take them off and declares her love for H) I tried unsuccessfully to skip over that scene when reading the book with a friend's 8-year-old who'd picked it up at the centre.
I don't think AB comic strips are for kids. if she decides to do something only for them I'll be glad to buy it for my grandaughter.
kids are curious about sex. if you want to avoid embarassing questions you must skip all the stuff that will possibly be realted to that.
first off no 3yo is gonna ask "'what is Mo doing to Harriet's vagina?'" "her" 3 year old has prudish "parents"? why not we are prudish? I'm confused.
Anyway, your nieces always love the toons you've done for them. They save them and are so proud. You humor is so refreshing...
Why not a G version for the wee ones?
the real life cultural diversity is so lacking.
Blimey, didn't know that series had gone on so long - also freaky to see that the last one is 'the fire at Mary Ann's house', that sounds ominous!
Or perhaps a picture book, a la 'Heather has two Mommys'--AB style! I keep looking for pro-LGBT resources to bring into the classroom--they're just so few and far between...
WOW! I Love it...
and i thing thats good for you >>

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