Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Kudos from Harvey Pekar

I love seeing Alison embrace the whole blogging thing — you'll notice she's written every post for the past couple of months. I'm only butting in again because I want to point out that she got mentioned in this article about graphic novels in Sunday's Cleveland Plain Dealer. Thanks to an alert reader for the tip. The story revolves around a panel discussion on graphic novels. Here's the relevant exchange: [It] attracted acolytes and skeptics, alongside hundreds of booksellers who lined the walls and scrunched onto the floor... Frank Miller, the macho creator of "Sin City," made a dramatic late entrance, anointed by applause. Cleveland's Harvey Pekar hunched and held forth in an orange T-shirt from one end of the table....First question: Why no women on the panel? Charles Burns, author of "Black Hole," a graphic novel that mines his own tortured adolescence, pulled the microphone to his chin. "Some of my best friends are women," he offered, trying mild humor. The acolytes - young guys with backpacks who hang out in comic-book stores - thumped the rug in approval. "Alison Bechdel - she's one of the best, one to watch for," Pekar said. "Well, where is she?" grumbled the skeptics, young women in sleek black. Answer: she was at the Boston Dyke March.
I think part of the problem is semantics. Some folks do not consider a collection of strips to be graphic novels. I think Alison's new book out next year will definitely break her into the 'graphic novel' arena.
When is Alison's graphic novel due to come out? I want to make sure my bookstore orders it in as they are slowly building up a graphic novels/paperback comics section...and 'Invasion' is due out in October right?
I read about the "Mo movie test" where she lists all of the qualifications for Mo to see a movie.

I can't find it anywhere.

Does anyone know what it is?
sorry I didn't answer this a long time ago. But hopefully you'll check back. THe movie test is an old, old strip that appears in my first book, "Dykes To Watch Out FOr." It's a pre-mo strip, with a couple of generic characters discussing their minimum requirements of a movie. One, it has to have at least two women in it. Two, they have to talk to each other, Three, about sometihng besides a man.
huh.... Stupid question, but what is your Graphic Novel about?

To the movie matter, nice to see that Horror movies would be welcome :-P
Wow. Props from Harvey Pekar? Excellent. That mention is more likely to bring Alison's work to the attention of straight young hipster GN fans than almost anything else I can think of.
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