Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Blast from the past

Alison's up to her eyeballs in her graphic novel right now, so she didn't write any new strips this month. Instead, she sent two archive episodes to the newspapers (and the website) that publish DTWOF. She chose two strips she thought might help put current events — like recent mentions of "Madeleine" — in context. So this month you can re-read #222 ("Indiscreet," 1995) and #252 ("The Trouble With Sydney," 1996). Both appeared in the tantalizingly titled Hot, Throbbing Dykes To Watch Out For, and neither is available online, at least until Planet Out puts them up. Guess you'll just have to buy the book. Or read 'em in the newspaper like in the olden days.
Hail Eris!


does anybody else find that particular volume really awkward on public transport?
It wasn't an easy volume to order through the interoffice library system. I don't remember if I apologized to my slightly conservative co-worker who had to document it.
Ya gotta suffer for art.
anal valley
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