Sunday, May 22, 2005


Hufu, the healthy human flesh alternative

Originally uploaded by Alison Bechdel.
I thought an old college chum had rounded the bend when he told me he was going to start marketing a human-flavored meat substitute. But if there were an award for the most compelling realization of the most repugnant concept, would definitely be on the short list.

Wow. How revoltingly fascinating, or fascinatingly revolting. As a kid I was transfixed by tales of the Donner Party, but this experiment is something I would never have dreamed of, and I can't stop thinking about it. Most disturbing.
Um.... and also racist, in its use of Pacific Islander-esque 'happy cannibal' imagery. I can't decide whether I'm more disturbed, annoyed, or pissed off by this.

Seriously, why did he have to go and mess up a perfectly good 'human flesh alternative' idea with a stupid set of racist jokes about supposedly cannibalistic culture?
This looks a bit suspicious. It reminds me of old Joey Skaggs Doug Meat Soup hoax (See You sure this is serious?
Why is it "racist" to portray a Fijian cannibal as "Fijian?" To my knowledge, there are no accounts of traditional tribal cannibalism among, say, Norwegian hetero men, much as that might suit you. But there is undisputed documentation of such practices in Fiji. If you want to skip a trip to the library, you can read a short version of such practices on the website, see Fiji: The Cannibal Islands. Jeepers, such literal minded, reflexive reactions to hufu really take the fun out of this undertaking. eh, I guess that's not entirely true.
Well, it is kind of rediculously funny...
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