Tuesday, May 03, 2005


DTWOF dropped in Ithaca NY

I can’t say I was surprised recently when The Buzz, a weekly in Ithaca, dropped my strip. More surprising was the fact that the Gannett media conglomerate-owned paper wanted to pick it up in the first place. But they did. They ran it for a few months. And then the publisher decided to pull it. I've heard that 250 people have signed a petition to bring the strip back, which is great. But I’m wondering if maybe the Ithaca Times, the alternative weekly there, might be a better forum for a latte-sipping, Volvo-driving, New York Times-reading, left wing freak show comic strip about a bunch of lesbians. I e-mailed the editors of the Ithaca Times to suggest this, but inexplicably they have not yet replied. So if you’re an Ithacan, feel free to let the people at the Buzz know that you miss the strip (if indeed you do), or ask the Ithaca Times to pick it up. I’d really love for my work to continue to be available in Ithaca, especially since the erstwhile Ithaca-based Firebrand Books published my books for many years.
It's been years since I was in Ithaca, but would the Cornell Daily Sun be an option?
I live in Ithaca, and nobody seems to read the Buzz anyway. The Ithaca Times might be an option. There's also a new alternative bi-weekly coming out soon, maybe that would be an option. The Daily Sun is only ever read by Cornell students and consists largely of provocative, infuriating, and under-reasoned conservative, left-bashing editorials. Maybe not the right place for our heroines. Or then again, maybe so...
Then again, *I'm* not a student, and I've read the Sun, as evidenced by my characterization of it. For what it's worth...
The Cornell Daily Sun really only runs mainstream comic strips and those written by students. There's just not a lot of room for comics in it, unfortunately.

In terms of the conservative editorials, those are only because the editorial board likes to 1) be controversial and 2) be entertaining. (Believe me, I was a Daily Sun reporter and know them.) The controversial bit spreads to both ends of the political spectrum - in addition to the crazy conservatives, there are several pretty hard-line liberals that say a lot of things that piss off the small number of conservatives. They just aren't as noticed because more people agree with them overall. As for the entertaining, people like to get pissed off at editorials and write angry letters. The conservative columnists are (sometimes - definitely not always) more entertaining, mainly because the liberals take themselves so seriously. (I'm a liberal, by the way...)
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