Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Say What?

scene from Invasion
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The last couple weeks, Alison's had me erasing her pencil sketches on the art for the long piece that appears in the back of DTWOF book 11, Invasion of the Dykes to Watch Out For. I use a special eraser that gets rid of the pencil marks but leaves the ink intact.

I've gotten a sneak peak at the whole sordid story. Lucky me, right? Just one of the many perks of being a cartoonist's part-time minion.

Alison hasn't inked in the dialogue yet, so I've only seen the drawings. I thought I'd post one of the panels with a blank speech bubble and invite you to put some words in Mo's mouth.

I didn't want to give anything away (and I had to be careful, because there's a lot to give away), so I picked one of the more innocuous panels. This is Mo, Sparrow, Carlos, Stuart, and JR getting ready for a rally of some sort.

Have fun with it. More to come in the months ahead...

I have a reason to suspect that she should be saying:

"I wonder if Sydney is cheating on me right now".
"It used to be nuclear freeze and ban the military... now I'm protesting FOR marriage?"
"Is there a hyphen in
Judging from the size of the speech bubble, probably nothing long-winded. Couple of possibilities:

* "Jiao, be careful with that placard"

* "And the last time I almost had to go to Gay Shame alone..."

* "Got any staples?"

Aw, what the heck:

* "Do you think they'll drag off in handcuffs like they did back when I went to the demonstrations in the Capitol?"

* "Come to think of it, I'll be demontrating to support a thing I did not agree to do with Sydney."

* "Put it down, Jiao Raizel, you cannot hit your father with that placard again."

VL, Finland
Abolishing marriage for everyone is equality, right?
I actually think Mo might be smiling in this one.

"You know, guys, that I'm going to marry Sydney just for the prostest value."
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