Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Behind the Scenes from Book 11

# 11 drawings
Originally uploaded by Cathy Resmer.
Here's a draft of some panels from the long piece in Book 11. Alison emailed them to me yesterday. She asked me to snap a few pictures like this of me and my car, and email them to her so she could see what this would look like in real life.

I'm not really sure who these characters are, but I guess we drive the same kind of car. Perhaps they'll end up looking a bit like me in the final version. FYI, this mode of support is sadly not tip-of-the- nibb-able.

The last panel looks Mo-like, I think I see a striped shirt and a scowl.
Cool to see the early storyboarding for the #11 piece.
I've always wondered, what is a tip-o-the-nib worthy act?
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damm, im only 2 months late. I have a car similiar to that one, a VW i could have taken those photos for sure i could find a stripey jumper as well
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