Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Alison Leaves the House

alison feeding the birds
Originally uploaded by Cathy Resmer.
I snapped a picture of AB when she went out to feed the birds this afternoon. She said it was the first time she had left the house all day. No, she's not sick--merely chained to her drawing board in the basement working on DTWOF #11 and her super secret, nearly complete graphic novel.

In that case, when she finally publishes this super secret graphic novel, I'll have to send her a little packet of birdseed in appreciation.
Anonymous said...
> [...] I'll have to send her a
> little packet of birdseed in
> appreciation.

Hmmmm.... I think we should all chip
in and buy Alison a new hat and boots,
since she's still wearing the same
ones she was wearing when she wrote
her Slate diary back in '98:
Hopefully we'll get a photo of Alison partaking in outdoor activities when 'mud season' rolls around this year! :)

Funny to read those entries from '98..talk of a graphic novel and sending comic strips via email! :0) Great drawings, too!
^ Whoa, now that's a fan.

I love snow pictures! It's only ever snowed once in my city (Wellington, NZ) so it always amazes me when I see pix like this!

- Blue
I can't believe someone noticed that I'm wearing the same hat and boots as I was seven years ago. (Who wrote this post? My Utilikilt-sporting friend in Frisco?) It's true, though. In fact, I think I bought the boots in 1987. But they're still in great shape, probably since I never travel much farther than the birdfeeder in them.
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