Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Dykes to Whiteout For

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Yep, that's a Mo mug on federal marshal Carrie Stetko's desk in Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber's graphic novel
. A tip of the delete key to alert reader Rachel Ramsey for pointing it out. In an interview in the on-line comics journal Ninth Art, Rucka confirms that the subtle placement of the DTWOF coffee cup was intentional. Stetko must have picked it up back in the day. I haven't sold those mugs since 1998.
Is this thing on? Can anyone post comments?
I can post!
The blog looks nice, if a little eerie. It's kind of dark and dim, like a mug calling out from the grave. Can the DTWOF sub header be lightened up any? I had to squint.
I'd like to know if there's an auction coming up. Any news?
I lightened things up a bit. And added the auction info. THanks fer the suggestions.
This is very cool. I'm really pleased to learn that Whiteout is on your radar.
For what it's worth, I drew that issue back in '98, so the mug wouldn't have been vintage yet.

Far, far more people spotted the little Mo than I had ever expected. The drawing was tiny, and I hadn't thought there'd be much crossover between the audience for DTWOF, which was almost never available in comic shops, and Whiteout, which wasn't available anywhere else. As things turned out, people ask about it all the time.

Do you have a copy of the book? If not, email me and I'll send you one.

Steve Lieber
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