Thursday, September 23, 2004


Auction To Watch Out For

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Win the Mo-bag at the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library Silent Auction. Back in 2001, a homophobe sliced up over 600 gay-themed books at the San Francisco Public Library, including a few volumes of Dykes To Watch Out For. After they caught the guy, the enterprising library staff invited artists and friends of the library to work with the shredded remains of his handiwork. Over 250 works of art were created, some of which were on display last spring in the Reversing Vandalism exhibit. The library is selling some of these pieces at a silent auction that starts September 30th and runs through October 2nd. A tip of the shift key to Hadas Rivera-Weiss, creator of the ingenious Mo Bookbag, which will go to the highest bidder. Browse the on-line auction catalog here.
good deal!

here's the link to the online Reversing Vandalism exhibition:

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